Spliff Burton

from by Doberman



And when I see you
Lying there helpless
All I can think is that the years have been so cruel
But you could have had what you wanted
If you only asked
But you just sat there silently in fear
Your decisions will haunt haunt haunt you
For the rest of your days
Fiend of the year
Sharp in blood out
Deep sigh melting doubt
Spiral staircase to waste away the days
Waiting for your next high
Like a sick, sick dog just waiting to die
After all these years you couldn’t make the change
But I always fucking was there
When you needed help
But you just turned the other way
Choking on a handgun
Needle in your arm
Needless to say
A permanent dark cloud
Since lighter met spoon
Watching time fade
Spoon fed
To vein
A crutch becomes a death bed
The year's slip to decades
This perfect feeling
I’m not fooled by your illusion
Opium cloaks and hides
All life in it's shadow
And the heads will roll
Down the path of good intention
Path to promise paved with the bones of the dead
Crawl down this road with nothing left
But you could have had what you wanted
If you only asked
Needless to say
And it takes a lot of courage
To make it through the pain
Sickness body aches
And after years of withdrawal
The nightmare can end
Finally awake
After yours, your reborn
Dragged yourself out of hell
God didn’t help you, I did
Glad you're alive and well


from Ravenous, released August 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Doberman Calgary, Alberta

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